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Triple V Brush

The CAMPEY™ Triple V Brush is a tractor mounted implement for brushing in top dressing removing worm cast, standing up grass prior to mowing and general presentation on natural turf.

Sportsfield Harrow

The CAMPEY™ Sportsfield Harrow is a tractor mounted implement for aggressive surface grooming. It can be used on turf, for standing prone grasses, dragging out dead or dying organic matter, or creating a tilt prior to seeding.

LineMarker LM3010 / LM3012

The CAMPEY™ LM3010 / LM3012 is a simple, durable and easy to operate liquid transfer line marker. Marking material is transferred from the 30ltr hopper to the 10cm or 12cm wide marking wheel by a grooved rubber roller, giving even, accurate lines.